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Aldila RIP started out with a debut in test mode at the John Deere Classic in July of 2009' and proved to be a pivotal marketing point for the shaft.  The RIP ripped a course-record low of 61.  And then, Heath Slocum followed up in August using the Aldila RIP in his driver to stun the top players in the world capturing a one-shot victory at The Barclays.  Steve Stricker, Geoff Ogilvy, Ross Fisher have all either played or tested the RIP shaft.  And to top it off, the RIP placed 1st and 2nd at the recent SBS Championship.

The RIP from there has absolutely taken off, and is now one of the most popular shafts on tour as well as on the golf courses around the world.

The Aldila RIP is a lower torque shaft with a stiff tip providing the better player a stable shaft.  Built for stability, reduced spin rate and an optimal trajectory, the RIP is ripe for the pickin' come 2010.

"RIP(TM) is Aldila's new shaft technology that provides a lower torque, increased tip stability and better tip stiffness control," said Stewart Bahl, Aldila's Marketing Manager. "The RIP(TM) is currently undergoing testing on the PGA Tour and is scheduled to be launched later this year and will be released in 2010 through some of the major OEM's product lines."

Aldila RIP Specs-

Flex Frequency Torque Weight Launch

RIP 60 Wood

R 245 3.2 62g. Low-Mid
S 260 2.9 63g. Low-Mid
X 275 2.7 66g. Low-Mid

RIP 70 Wood

R 245 3.0 74g. Low-Mid
S 260 2.7 74g. Low-Mid
X 275 2.4 77g. Low-Mid

Player Comments-

"RIP is the best shaft on the market"

"Another satisfied person with the RIP. Awesome shaft"

"I was driving the ball like I was 25 years old again"

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Aldila RIP Specs

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  1. Question: when its says that its a mid to low launch.. what kick point does it have?? mid to low or mid to high??

    reason i am asking cause i am using an Titliest 907 D2 with a Proforce V2 76 grams… and i hit it quite high so im looking to find a shaft that will get it down.. will this RIP 60 X flex do this for me?

  2. Braden, I recently got a TM Superdeep TP 9.5 w an Aldila 70g Stiff. Now, although I DID get it with a low-spinning head, this shaft is brutal. I was tossing up between the S/X flex for ages, and I’m lucky I got the S flex. I have about a 120mph swing speed, and I’m even struggling to get this thing going up in the air. Because of its low torque and average length and high kick point, you need to get your whip on when you swing this bad boy. If your going a 60g X flex, you should be alright, but mate, DO YOURSELF THE FAVOUR and demo this shaft and its variations. It is a very different shaft to anything I’ve ever hit.

  3. I disagree with Andrew. I recently put in play a 910 d2 w a 70 X aldila RIP and don’t feel it is to stiff. Infact I feel it is a tad weaker than my old driver w a 73 x diamana whiteboard. I loved the whiteboard and could go after it a bit without losing it at the bottom. I’ve only played w the RIP 3 times, but when I give it a little extra I lose it somewhat. However, when I just smooth it it seems to just fly. Again, I have not had alot of time with the RIP yet. At this point I would say it is a great shaft. I can swing smooth and hit some drives that are plenty long. I’m playing the D2 at an 8.5 and it launches fine. I wonder if Andrews shaft was tipped?

    I’m a 1 handicap with a ss of 116-118 roughly.

  4. I love this shaft. i put it in my 909 D2 instead of paying for the upgrade 910. I can not believe how easy this shaft is to hit. I heard so many reviews about ‘ oh you have to be a pro swinger with pro swing speed to get it up” Just not the case. The shaft with a smooth tempo swing will litterally ignite the ball. ( I have seen the ball change gears and in mid flight. ) This shaft is awesome. Now I will say that I play a 70 regular flex and the reason i went for theReg is because a Reg in a aftermarket shaft ( not the watered down version OEM sale ) is actually a little stiffer than a OEM stiff shaft. I really recommend this shaft. I have no issue getting the ball air born either. NOT ONE ISSUE GETTING IT AIR BORN. Fantastic shaft and I love my combo with the 909 D2 with the RIP Alpha. Nice!!!!!!!!

  5. Just bought the RIP 70 Stiff for Supertri, I do find that you have to swing harder to get the ball going, however the shaft allows you to swing harder without losing accuracy.

  6. Have an R11 9 Deg Driver. Tried all combinations but nothing as stable or responsive as the RIP red eye stiff 60 gm model. This club has just come alive upto now I could not understand the hype.
    It delivers the correct loft back to the ball everytime and launches on a good trajectory with low spin.

    Swing speed now 110mph.+ Can even tweak the loft a little higher with no balooning.

    Would recommend to anyone who swings at 105mph + plus and suffers from excessive spin rates.

    Note: shaft is the original aldila model and not a made for taylormade version.

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